Start Unix command line typing Practice. unix system date and time, large banner, list of user currently logged in, print current working directory, every process running top, change user id, group ownership of the file unmask, listing of an unlisted directory typing practice.Click on the area below to start typing.

S.No.Paragraph : Practice repeatedly whatever you would like most for full fifteen minutes Lessionsclick to Practice
1$ cal 4 2018 // Displays the calendar. $ date +%d/%m/%y // system date and time. $ banner Unix // Prints a large banner $ who // list of users currently logged in $ whoami // user id of the currently user $ touch file1 file2 // Create file or update its timestamp $ cp file1 file2 // Copy files $ mv file1 file2 // Move files or rename files $ rm file1 // Remove files and directories $ mkdir dir1 // Make directory $ rmdir dir1 // Remove a directory $ cd dir1 // Change directory $ pwd // Print the present working directory1.1 basic unix commands typing practice
2$ ps -ef // Show every process running $ top // Show a live view of all current processes $ clear // Clear all prior text from screen $ history // Show previous commands entered $ ls -alt // List directory contents $ which -a cat // Locate a command $ man cat// online reference manuals $ su user1 // Change user-id or become super-user $ sudo ls /usr/local/protected //Get a file listing of an unlisted directory 1.2 unix file system commands typing practice
3$ find /usr -type c -name backup // Used to search for files and directories $ du // Estimate disk usage is blocks $ df -l // Show number of free blocks $ chown user2 file1 // change ownership of the file $ chgrp group2 file1 // change the group ownership of the file umask [mode] // Syntax $ umask 077 // change default access permissions1.3 some permissions in unix typing practice