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1#include int main() { /* Our first simple C basic program */ printf("Hello World! "); getch(); return 0; } /*Documentation section C programming basics & structure of C programs Author: fresh2refresh.com Date : 01/01/2012 */ #include /* Link section */ int total = 0; int sum (int, int); /* Function declaration */ int sum (int a, int b){ return a + b; /* definition section */ 1.1 A Simple C Program typing practice
2#include int main() { float flt = 10.234; int no = 150; double dbl = 20.123456; printf("Character is %c \n", ch); printf("Float value is %f \n", flt); printf("Integer value is %d\n" , no); char ch; char str[100]; printf("Enter any character \n"); scanf("%c", &ch); printf("Entered character is %c \n", ch); scanf("%s", &str); printf("Entered string is %s \n", str); }1.2 c printf and scanf typing practice
3#include void test();int m = 22, n = 44; int a = 50, b = 80; int main() { printf("All variables are accessed from main function"); printf("\nvalues: m=%d:n=%d:a=%d:b=%d", m,n,a,b); test(); } void test() { printf("\n\nAll variables are accessed from" \ " test function"); printf("\nvalues: m=%d:n=%d:a=%d:b=%d", m,n,a,b); }1.5 Global variables in C typing practice
4#include #include int main() { int a; char b; float c; double d; printf("Storage size for int data type:%d \n",sizeof(a)); printf("Storage size for char data type:%d \n",sizeof(b)); printf("Storage size for float data type:%d \n",sizeof(c)); printf("Storage size for double data type:%d\n",sizeof(d)); enum MONTH { Jan = 0, Feb, Mar }; enum MONTH month = Mar; if(month == 0) printf("Value of Jan"); else if(month == 1) printf("Month is Feb"); if(month == 2) }1.3 basic datatypes in c typing practice
5#include void main() { const int height = 100; /*int constant*/ const float number = 3.14; /*Real constant*/ const char letter = 'A'; /*char constant*/ const char letter_sequence[10] = "ABC"; /*string constant*/ const char backslash_char = '\?'; printf("value of height :%d \n", height ); printf("value of number : %f \n", number ); printf("value of letter : %c \n", letter ); printf("value of letter_sequence : %s \n",letter_sequence); }1.4 constant keyword in C typing practice