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1Non-performing assets (NPA) or bad loans of banks have come down to their lowest levels, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor Shaktikanta Das said at a Confederation of Indian Industry event on March 21. When seen in the context of gross NPA share falling to 6.9% of all loans, according to RBI’s Financial Stability Report released in December 2021 — the latest number is 6.5% — the comments are not surprising. medium level text
2The second quarter of 2020 (April-June) saw the hardest lockdown in India in terms of number of regulations, with the average score being 89.8. India was ranked 16 among 185 countries in that quarter with the median score being just 74.5. After this quarter, India’s lowest Stringency Index score was in the quarter ending December 2021: 46.8. A comparison of quarterly ranks with other countries. medium level text
3It said that in adults above 50, protection against severe Covid-19 decreased by about 10% at the six-month mark, and by 32% against symptomatic disease. (HT File). According to IMD’s temperature dataset, the average maximum temperature across India in the March 1-15 period this year is 31 degrees Celsius. (Representational image) medium level text
4the average mobility in the first four categories (called non-essential mobility here for simplicity) increased, then decreased again substantially during the second wave in May 2021, but remained below pre-pandemic levels until October last year. Since October, it has remained around or above pre-pandemic levels despite a third wave. medium level text
5Business Resumption Index (Nibri) suggest. Nibri – it comprises Google mobility indices, Apple driving index, power demand and the labour force participation rate, and considers 23 Feb 2020 as the base for all the series – rose to another record high of 126.4 for the week ending 20 March from 122.8 in the previous week, 26.4 percentage points above its pre-pandemic levels medium level text
6Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney, Australia, Friday,Jan.8,2021.AP/PTI(AP01_08_2021_000048B) (AP). On Jan. 6, 2021, pro-Trump rioters broke into the U.S. Capitol. The attack resulted in dea...Read More Gemunu Amarasinghe/AP. Six gay rights associations told AFP on Wednesday that their criminal complaint for "denial of crimes against humanity" stemmed from Zemmour's latest book. medium level text
7The following week, climate-related issues accounted for just 1.5% of the time dedicated to the election on French media, according to a tally by the advocacy group L’Affaire du siècle (The Case of the Century), which famously – and successfully – sued the French state for climate inaction last year. medium level text